Walk Listings

Walk Listings

There are a number of ways to have event information delivered to you. Most of us subscribe to at least one, if not two or three, receiving notifications by mail (every two months) or email (once a week). Choose a method that works for you from the list below.

WalkList: (free, simple and usually the most current as last minute changes can be sent to you)

Meetup: (free, usually current, and interactive)

  1. Click the MeetUp button at the top of this page to go to our Walking Oregon and SW Washington MeetUp,
  2. Join MeetUp and
  3. Add Walking Oregon and SW Washington to receive notices of upcoming MeetUps


FaceBook: (free)

  1. Click the FaceBook button on this page to go to Oregon Walking on FaceBook
  2. Like Oregon Walking
  3. Follow Oregon Walking to see where we’ve walked and sometimes where we’re going to walk

Scheduled Group Walks: (free).

  • Subscribe to one or all of several weekly or monthly walking groups. Check our calendar and Wendy’s WalkList for group walks and contact the individual listed for each walk for more information on signing up for that walk.

Newspapers and Event Magazines:


  • Check your local newspaper or event magazine. Many clubs in Oregon and SW Washington advertise their walks locally.

US Postal Service:


  • Subscribe to our printed magazine NW PathFinder (paid but arrives in your mail box every other month)

Click to open and download: 2022 Special Pathfinder order form

For more information on any of these, contact: oregon.trail.statevolkssport@gmail.com.